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Pneufast Quality

Pneu-Fast Pro-Nails offer exclusive features that deliver superior holding power in all types of wood, greater driving force, more lateral shear strength and fewer job-site problems than competitive nail brands. These include:

  • Top quality steel manufactured to full gauge to drive better without bending.
  • Rigid strip impregnated with Hi-Bondª resin minimizes flagging and won't come apart in any weather.
  • Hold-Fastª acrylic coating for "bulldog" holding power in all types of wood.
  • New Tri-Coat Hi-Galvª Pro-Nails are superior to hot-dipped galvanized nails and less costly than stainless steel nails for use in all pressure treated lumber including the new ACQ formulations!

Pneu-Fast products are packaged in sturdy boxes that are virtually weather-proof and won't fall apart on the job site. Pneu-Fast products exceed ASTM standards for performance.

To purchase Pneu-Fast products, visit our online store. Learn more about Pneu-Fast. Read our story.